Project Description

This project created a setting for sculpture – “The Three Furies”, by Amy Evans McClure, on a prominent garden terrace overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.  We were recommended to the client by the gallery that they purchased the sculpture from. We also designed an in-ground spa tub in a location from which both the sculpture and the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen.  The spa is the center of concentric arcs radiating out.  The next arc is a seat wall of the same material as the sculpture base.  The low wall that the sculptures sitt on is also a water trough.  The bubbling water and the blue tiles reflect the sky beyond, and carry the theme of water rippling out from the spa toward the Golden Gate Bridge.  Low, water wise planting creates a backdrop, and screens undesirable views.

Construction: Dan Fix Landscaping and Aquascape Pools.

Ecological Attributes

  • solar heating
  • low water use planting
  • planting to attract beneficial birds, butterflies and insects
  • LED lighting