Project Description

The highlight of the garden is a large entertaining patio which nestles behind a focal rock outcrop, with a built-in fire pit constructed from the native stone. A glass railing system integrates with the outcropping and provides unobstructed views of the San Francisco Bay.

A large patio in the rear of the house becomes integral with the undeveloped hills beyond; a small pitch and putt course is incorporated into a play area of artificial turf; a thyme walk leads between levels beside a natural stream bed; a winding stair leads up the hillside providing an overlook with 360 degree views of both the Bay and the hills; a vegetable garden provides nourishment for the family, and a large lawn provides them with a space for play. The retaining wall that edges the lawn breaks down into a series of tumbling boulders and lush planting, to bring the hillside into the play yard. All these elements are carefully integrated with the spectacular surrounding landscape in a way that enhances both.

Construction: Dan Fix Landscaping, Millsap Degnan & Associates

Ecological Attributes

  • low water use, drought resistant plants
  • planting to attract beneficial birds, butterflies and insects
  • planting for habitat
  • LED lighting