Project Description

This California style English garden was brought about by the owner’s strong attachment to their existing English style garden. The original garden was in danger of being demolished during the reconstruction and expansion of the house. A thorough transplanting program was set in place before the house was gutted, to ensure that specimen plants were set out of harm’s way in an on-site nursery area. The pool, brick entry path and several mature trees and plants were also saved.  We took the opportunity to add cohesiveness and structure to the garden design, and add plants more suitable for the California climate. We introduced garden elements in keeping with the style of the house, such as the entry arbor, new gates and fences, opened up new paths, and created new garden spaces.

Once re-planted with both the saved plants and new, less thirsty plants, the garden felt as though it had been established for years.

Construction by Crosse Landcaping

Ecological Attributes

  • permeable paving
  • solar heating
  • low water use plant material
  • planting to attract beneficial birds, butterflies and insects
  • planting for habitat
  • LED lighting