Project Description

This sustainable garden has been the highlight of the Marin Ecological Garden Tour three years running. It is a wonderful example of sustainable landscape management practices. Almost an acre in size, the various small destination patios and terraces were carefully designed to have low impact on the native hillside. Existing lawn was replaced with a succulent garden, herb gardens and vegetable planting beds. Recycled building materials were used throughout. The large expanse of driveway paving was reduced by 40% to provide a gracious entry court and additional planting areas. Irrigation is provided by an expansive, but not intensive, drip system controlled by a weather-sensitive irrigation controller. Storm water is collected into a stream bed and returned to the ground.

The owners collect many reclaimed artifacts, many of which are re-purposed in the garden, while others provide interesting annecdotes for the visitor meandering along the many paths.

Construction: Gary Torney Landscapes, Murata Landscapes

Ecological Attributes

  • stormwater retention, runoff & erosion control
  • biological filtration systems
  • recycled and re-purposed materials
  • permeable paving
  • appropriate plant selection
  • lawn reduction and lawn substitutes
  • edible fruits, berries and plants
  • planting to attract beneficial birds, butterflies and insects
  • planting for habitat
  • defensible space and fuel reduction strategies
  • recycling organic waste