Project Description

When Geoffrey Butler Architects remodeled this long-standing Marin extended stay hotel, they recommended Simmonds & Associates to bring the landscape up-to-date. The street frontage was completely re-landscaped to provide a more contemporary, Mediterranean appeal. A pair of matching stone walls were built that offered visual interest through changes in level, and a plant palette of California natives and Mediterranean plants was introduced. Flanking the entry to the lobby are a pair of large basalt monoliths with polished tops that act as benches.

The pool courtyard was remodeled a year later, with a new spa added, all new planting and a reconfigured pool patio. The pool was upgraded to salt water and an energy-saving safety cover was added. The “jail” fence around the pool was eliminated, in favor of a glass pool fence around the surrounding balconies. The lower part of the glass fence is frosted for privacy while the upper portion allows views of the pool. A new cabana offers an intimate seating area.

Ecological Attributes

  • weather-dependent irrigation systems
  • stormwater retention, runoff & erosion control
  • appropriate plant selection
  • lawn reduction and lawn substitutes
  • long life lamps and fiber optics