Project Description

Our client desired a resort in his own backyard, so that he could feel like he was in Hawaii or Cabo all year round. The back yard begins as a level area adjacent to the house, and then rises toward the oak forest beyond. We took advantage of the terrain, by tucking the pool into the slope, using it for a water slide and waterfall, and creating a separate outdoor space upslope with a putting green, for added entertainment.

This backyard resort has two of the most enjoyable luxury elements often incorporated into the best resort: for the kids – a water slide, and a fire pit; and for the adults – a spa, steam room, and swim-up bar. We designed a substantial pool house that has changing and restroom facilities, and a steam room. An outdoor shower and a fire pit are also incorporated into the design. The swim-up bar also includes an outdoor kitchen, and a separate outdoor dining area under an arbor was positioned nearby. The lush planting, thatch and tiki accents give the feeling of a South Seas or South American setting.

Above the pool on the second level, surrounded by fruit trees, is a small lawn for mini-golf or badminton. Tiki torches supplement the outdoor lighting scheme for an elegant ambiance. Lush plantings envelop the site and screen the neighboring properties.

Ecological Attributes

  • weather -dependent irrigation systems
  • appropriate plant selection
  • lawn reduction and lawn substitutes
  • solar heat gain reduction
  • edible fruits, berries and plants
  • defensible space and fuel reduction strategies