Project Description

Village in the Park development of town homes is set in the saddle of San Bruno Mountain, in Daly City.  The original design theme was a park-like setting exemplified by acres of manicured lawn, with bordering shrubs.  As the landscape has aged, the homeowners association is faced with ever-increasing maintenance costs to keep the landscape looking good.

As the Board became more conscious of the need to conserve resources, they have engaged us to re-imagine their landscape with a desire for greater integration with the abutting San Bruno Mountain Preserve, and much greater sustainability, in water conservation, and reduction of the maintenance of the landscape.

The landscape rehabilitation will be phased over several years, with the most water intensive areas being first priority.  This provides the following advantages – spreading the cost over time; fine-tuning the plant material for that specific micro-climate, and the ability to respond to changing needs of the homeowners.

The plant palette for the rehabilitation focuses on native plants, particularly local natives, such as Rhamnus ‘Mound San Bruno’ (San Bruno Mountain Coffeeberry), and Mimulus auranticus (Sticky Monkeyflower).  Other native plants include Cistus (Rockrose) Pacific Coast Iris, several Salvia species (Sages), several Ceanothus species (California Lilac) and Zauschneria (Califirnia Fuchsia).  Native grasses and grass-like plants such as Calamagrostis foliosa (Leafy Reed Grass), Carex praegracillus (California Meadow Sedge), and Leymus ‘Canyon Prince’ add richness to the native palette.  Non-natives, but drought tolernat plants that complement the natives include Anigozanthos hybrids (Kangaroo Paws) and Achillea millefolium (White Yarrow).  We are also incorporating select succulents as accent plants.  Thise include Agave attenuata (Blue Foxtail Agave) and Echeveria imbricata (Hen and Chicks).  Many of these plants will be obtained from Mission Blue Nursery,  run by San Bruno Mountain Watch, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Mount San Bruno, and an organization supported by the homeowners association.