Project Description

This project restores a California native landscape by removing a very structured 1950’s Modern garden of formal paths and terraces. The transition is to a soft, ecological and natural landscape of locally native plants, and plants compatible with the needs of the mature Oak trees. Winding stone paths and terraces follow the natural topography and respect the sensitive oak woodland environment. Walls are dry-laid where possible, and old concrete paving has been recycled into lower area retaining walls. A habitat pond brings dragonflies, birds, amphibians, and insects. The sculptural fountain on the upper deck brings small birds in abundance, animating the upper living areas. Large concrete planters were stained and re-purposed into the garden.

Ecological Attributes

  • stormwater retention, runoff & erosion control
  • biological filtration systems
  • permeable paving
  • recycled and re-purposed materials
  • appropriate plant selection
  • lawn reduction and lawn substitutes
  • solar heat gain reduction
  • edible fruits, berries and plants
  • planting to attract beneficial birds, butterflies and insects
  • planting for habitat
  • defensible space and fuel reduction strategies
  • recycling waste construction materials
  • recycling organic waste